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Utilize your potential and drive your professional growth as a project


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Utilize your potential and drive your professional growth as a project
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středa, 28. 3. 2018, 17:30 h - 19:30 h
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PMI Brno



Have you ever thought about what is going to be a next step after you finish current project or program? Have you considered it useless as you are currently busy with your day to day work? Yes, there are many project and programs out there, you just need to choose the right one for you. How do you choose your next assignments? Are these assigned to you by your superiors? Isn't it a pity to let others decide about what you want to do? I think that it is!

My question is if you know, which role you would like to take in the future. According to my experience, juniors want to learn and they don't seek a position itself. Project managers with more than 3 years of experience have a clear picture of what they want to do and most of them are aiming for manager positions (program, portfolio, office). The problem is that after getting these positions people often sober, some get middle age crisis, some become disillusioned.

Since we are all project managers, have you ever thought about driving your professional growth as a project? I would like to share my experience that help me in my own growth or these that have helped me to develop more than 300 project managers during a networking. 


Roman Slivka, PMP ® certified project manager, vice-president of PMI Czech Republic has been managing IT projects, programs and portfolios for more than 20 years. He is currently focused on management of strategic growth, innovation and transformation.

Roman considers as his virtue his ability to improve efficiency of investments into project management and his ability to turn green a troubled project. He has more than 10 year of experience of leading world-wide virtual teams, where he has been responsible for consistent and systematic project management set-up.

He considers stakeholder management, active communication and right project value assessment as key aspects of managing any kind of project.

Apart from his hobbies of navy sailing and photo shooting he enjoys coaching and mentoring.

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